When I first came across the TDB blog , the post that was showing up was ‘Save the Date’ idea… Of course I could not figure
it out at that time , but it surely had my interest by then. Whenever a wedding is fixed in India, the next search is to find that perfect wedding card, which would be able to convey your feeling to the guests receiving it. But what about those guests cum friends who are not the traditional types, or the ones you want at your wedding and want to book a slot in their schedule diary very early so that they don’t bail out on you : that is where ‘Save the Date’ card comes to your rescue.

These cards are generally sent 8-9 months prior to the wedding – much prior to the wedding card. This will help you plan your wedding more efficiently.

Save the date cards are super fun and super easy to make. You just need some one to click pictures of you and your guy together.(I love posing for pictures) and a friend who knows little bit of Photoshop 😀 (we all have that friend)

I have compiled a list of ideas which we can do easily on our own.


This idea is for the shy ones (esp. the guys) – you just need your engagement ring, a jute thread and a DSLR camera , u can keep fun taglines like “tying the knot” and your wedding date.


Remember how we used to play this game when we were small , you can use the same thing to sketch out your wedding date and create the card.


If creativity is your thing, this idea is definitely for you , you just need paint 😀


See! you even don’t have to be in this pic:  just write your wedding date and you are good to go .(esp for those who love scrabble)


This pic is just so adorable , you can also do it yourself


Another one that I like.


You need your shoes for this one. Make sure your shoes are not dirty 😛

For my wedding I am thinking of creating something like this: as I am very attached to my college and I love my campus, I will gather some of his friends who will be pulling him from one side and on the other, I will be standing, posing of course :D. Still have to figure out lot of details about this. Will share with you once its all done.


Sources: All the images are taken from Pinterest.