Mehendi Decor: DIY Ideas

I don’t know what’s not to love about ‘the Mehendi function’. They are the just amazing; especially at the bride’s end. It does not end with Vidaai, has awesome food and even the bride gets to dance! I am definitely gonna love mine. But, my buddy here doesn’t seem that excited about it, even after spamming my inbox with the Mehendi pictures from a friend’s wedding. Not being excited about Mehendi, I guess, will always be beyond me.

Well, by now y’all would have guessed that this post is on the Mehendi function. One weird thing about the Mehendi function is that though it is a part of every wedding on Indian soil, most people don’t spend enough to make it a big function. It mostly ends up as an internal affair with cousins playing DJ and the relatives grooving to their music. No extra effort is put, let alone monetary investment. But, the two of us here would still like all of you out there to have as glamorous a Mehendi function as possible.

Here are some DIY ideas that will help you make your Mehendi function possible and yet give the feel of a big function. These ideas will ensure that all your people and most importantly you have a lot of fun dancing and clicking pictures and celebrate with a personal touch. It is not rocket science, you know, these are fairly easy stuff.

  • We all have those used and not yet discarded cushions stowed away in the attic or buried in the box-beds, it is time to pull them all out. Decorate them with either colorful cushion covers or get the younger sisters to decorate them with ribbons and set a bright colorful stage for yourself
  •  If the function is outdoor, say in the backyard or the garden in front, get it covered by colorful shamiana to keep the sun at bay. You can further decorate it using LED lights
  • Instead of lights, you can also have colored paper origami designs hanging from the canopy. This will bring a Mela kind of an atmosphere to your Mehendi function
  • You can also use these props to decorate the space around you:

Image      Image

Image    Image

  • Fill a big bowl, preferably earthen or glass, with water and leave some of your favourite flowers and scented candles floated in it. Your centre-piece is ready!! You can also use small crockery bowls and even wine glasses

 Image     Image     Image

  • Hang umbrellas upside down along with some flowers and you will not believe all your unused umbrellas could create such a fun ceiling


  • Take a lot of colorful dupattas and hang them around for a fun and colorful décor
  • Use led lights as much as possible with the dupattas , to make it more jazzy
  • If it is a destination wedding, then you and your guests may welcome a little more entertainment. Put up some stalls for your women guests, like bangles, bindi, jaljeera etc


  • Kalire when hung from the ceiling give a very wedding-y feel


  • The old fashioned table fans can also be trendy enough. Tie colorful ribbons to its rims and watch the ribbons salsa in the air.
  • To bring some more life in the event, rent an auto-rickshaw! Decorate it with color and glitter and flowers and have a fancy photo-booth

A little bit of science before we end. Not only does Mehendi look good, it also has medicinal value. Mehendi is a powerful herb. As the wedding day approaches, the excitement mixed with nervous anticipation can take its toll on the bride and groom. Application of Mehendi prevents too much stress as it cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense. Science aside, it is a common belief that the darker the color of the Mehendi on the bride’s hands, the more will she be loved by her husband and mother-in-law. Doesn’t this give us all the more reason to have a grand celebration for this charming tradition?