How to get Heatless Curls :)

Who doesn’t love hair like this


If you ask me , I love curly-wavy hair 😀

Whenever I go for a haircut, I always dream to be coming out of the salon with the world’s best hair, those curls at the end bouncing as I dance my way out. But instead, what I get is “Curls to rukega nahi aapke baalo pe” (The curls wont stay on your hair) :(. I try giving the salon guys the puppy face look but nothing changes. The thing is my hair is super, super-straight , temporary curling and  inexpensive waves never stay on them.

Though I really dream of having curly hair, I dread the heating method. I think it damages my hair. I tend to loose more hair as well. So when I came across this method of curling , I was super super happy.

Basically there are two methods to curl your hair, both involve socks (Clean ones :P) and one night.

Hair curling using Sock bun.

This method involves making a sock bun or a doughnut bun and keeping it over night. By morning, you will have awesome, beautiful curls. It stays for about 4 hours on my hair, post which they are just wavy. (I got so exited about this that I opened my bun after every hour or so :D)

You can also have a look at this link which will clear any doubts you have on this technique:-

Its super easy and you can also learn to make a perfect bun 🙂


Hair curling using socks

This method is more for those who want really tight curls and you need 8-12 socks.

This link will take you to the video which explains this technique:-

Its gives very natural curls and it stays 6-7 hours on my hair, which is pretty great. The only drawback is that you cant leave your room after having so many socks during the process of curling :D.

Tip: Do it with semi wet hair and let it dry either on its own or blow dry as you open the curls.

And tada! Your curls are ready, Maam 😀

Do leave your comments and views on these techniques 🙂