About Us

Hi all you ‘bride-to-be’s

This one is especially for y’all.

Wedding..  every girl’s dream! And don’t we all want it to be as perfect as our dream.

But damn… ‘mehengai dayan khaye jaat hai’

But worry not, we are here to help you make your wedding as close to perfect as it can get. We too shall soon be a ‘Bride-to-be’. Well, frankly we could not contain the excitement and so started our end of research for everything we wanted for our respective weddings. But, oh my! It is so chaotic out there! ‘Kaha jao, kaha se kya lo’ how to decide it all.

So here we are, starting this very special blog which will entail every aspect about a wedding from a bride’s perspective. We shall try featuring professionals (like photography, stylists etc.) for you all to have enough choice or at least an understanding of what’s happening and how. Weddings don’t really have ‘trending’ things, but we will try our level best to cover all aspects which will have professional and do-it-yourself tips.

Any tips, suggestions and comments are welcome.. and if you wanna feature yourself here.. you are more than welcome!

Chalo, let us all work towards this awesome wedding we all deserve.


Keep Rocking and stay awesome


Pallavi & Chitra 🙂

Contact us : ultimateindianweddingbook@gmail.com

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