Candid Tales: Passionate Delhi Photographers: Weddingrams by Kreatrix

Sooooo… here we are.. with the first candid wedding photographer profile 🙂

They are based out of Delhi (I hate Delhi .. they have all the good things :P), I have seen their work in one of my colleagues wedding. She looked gorgeous in her wedding pics. We did a short interview with them so that y’all get to know them better too. Let me know if you need any more information , that will help us to create other profiles.

Let us introduce you

“We are a team of passionate photographers based out of Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. One thing that we love about what we do is showcasing different emotions that usually go unseen in a wedding.”

When did you decide to make it big in wedding photography

“After doing candid photography for some of our friends at their wedding, we gained a liking towards the concept of clicking photos rich in emotions and decided to direct our goal fully towards wedding photography and follow the footsteps of some of the big names in this industry who are an inspiration for us”

How was your experience to shoot the first wedding

“The first wedding we covered was in the beautiful city of Lucknow and will always remain special, as it was the first chance for us in gaining first hand experience in the field. The might of such an Indian wedding overwhelmed us and remained one of the most wonderful experiences for us”

How many people are there in you team

“Currently, we are a team of 4 people, specializing in different areas such as candid, videography, cocktail events and editing”

Do you also cover traditional photography

“We do not provide traditional coverage of events as it’s a very different task in its own good, but we do provide sources to people for such services”

If not, how easy or difficult you find it to work with the studio guys.

“Working with studio guys who are also in our field is always helpful as they are available to us for a variety of technical help and second opinion”

What are the range of your package and what are the inclusions

“Our range varies between 60k to 1 lac as per the demands of the client. It includes covering from both the bride and groom side , tradition photography and video graphy, Pre wedding shoot and video (our trademark) , Candid photography of all the events”

Any tips you would like to give to the brides

“One tip we would like to give to the brides-to-be out there is that just be yourself and don’t hesitate on expressing yourself at each stage as we are there to click just that”

Do you also cover Videography

Yes, an important portion of our package is giving a crisp 15 minute Bollywood style video that includes every event in a wedding from the Mehndi to the Vidaai.




beautiful concept — I love the idea 😀


Awwww I love this one 🙂 🙂


Aren’t they just amazing! Well, we had fun interviewing them and looking through their work – a furore of emotions.

PS: All the images are copyrights of Kreatrix team , Please dont use them.

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