How to get Heatless Curls :)

Who doesn’t love hair like this


If you ask me , I love curly-wavy hair 😀

Whenever I go for a haircut, I always dream to be coming out of the salon with the world’s best hair, those curls at the end bouncing as I dance my way out. But instead, what I get is “Curls to rukega nahi aapke baalo pe” (The curls wont stay on your hair) :(. I try giving the salon guys the puppy face look but nothing changes. The thing is my hair is super, super-straight , temporary curling and  inexpensive waves never stay on them.

Though I really dream of having curly hair, I dread the heating method. I think it damages my hair. I tend to loose more hair as well. So when I came across this method of curling , I was super super happy.

Basically there are two methods to curl your hair, both involve socks (Clean ones :P) and one night.

Hair curling using Sock bun.

This method involves making a sock bun or a doughnut bun and keeping it over night. By morning, you will have awesome, beautiful curls. It stays for about 4 hours on my hair, post which they are just wavy. (I got so exited about this that I opened my bun after every hour or so :D)

You can also have a look at this link which will clear any doubts you have on this technique:-

Its super easy and you can also learn to make a perfect bun 🙂


Hair curling using socks

This method is more for those who want really tight curls and you need 8-12 socks.

This link will take you to the video which explains this technique:-

Its gives very natural curls and it stays 6-7 hours on my hair, which is pretty great. The only drawback is that you cant leave your room after having so many socks during the process of curling :D.

Tip: Do it with semi wet hair and let it dry either on its own or blow dry as you open the curls.

And tada! Your curls are ready, Maam 😀

Do leave your comments and views on these techniques 🙂

Floral Jewellery: The New Trend

I absolutely love the braid decorated with flowers, and they set the bride apart from the rest of the crowd :D. My friend, in her wedding, not only used flowers in her hair, but used it to accessorize over-all, instead of the main-stream jewelelry. I was quite amazed, but now this is common. This is the new trend which has taken the wedding market by storm,The floral jewellery. Almost every bride now wants to adorn floral jewellery on her Mehendi/Haldi functions. This brings a lot of freshness to the functions, a bridal glow and the biggest plus point is that these functions are mostly during daytime, which makes the floral jewellery even better option. All the brides who are apprehensive of going floral, don’t be! Especially on Haldi Function, when there is a huge chance of usual jewellery getting ruined or lost, floral is a much safer, and easy to carry option.

There is this thing about floral jewellery , I think every girl has her own type of floral jewellery depending on the shape of your face.

Also it is very important to choose the right flowers for yourself, the most common flowers used are roses, orchids and jasmine. Combining small flowers like jasmine and marigold with big ones like roses, orchids also looks good.




Though this pic is from a TV serial, the jewellery just sets her apart, its so elegant and I think anyone can carry it off. I especially like her maang tika and earings. The floral jewellery just imparts the fact that this girl is the bride, so easily.

pic 3

This is a floral jewellery set, it contains: a maang tika, earing , garland, ring, hathphool. I think the one on the yop left is what worn on the forehead on the side, specially by muslims. I remember watching the queens from the Mughal empire wearing similar stuff.

OK Enough Gyaan :P.. Where you can get it?

There are many vendors who sell floral jewelley , one of the very famous ones being Ferns n Petals, Floral Art (Mumbai).

Floral Creations and Wedmegood has some really nice ideas designs on Floral jewellery, do have a look 🙂

How long do the flowers stay and how much time it takes to make one set?

Don’t Worry about the flowers wilting, these flowers stay good for 3 days with proper refrigeration and also it takes about 2 days to make a full set of floral jewellery, so you can order your set almost a week prior to the function and recieve the a day or two before the ceremony.

Artificial flowers combined with pearls also make a pretty set.


These are the flowers we all learnt to make during school, out of satin ribbons, remember?! Who knew they could be transformed like this 🙂

In the end it all depends on you, how comfortable confidant you are to wear and carry these. Don’t go by the trend, trend comes and goes but your wedding is and will be one of the biggest things in your life.

Personally, I prefer little floral jewellery as it looks very fresh, new and different.


PS: All pictures are taken from Internet.



When I first came across the TDB blog , the post that was showing up was ‘Save the Date’ idea… Of course I could not figure
it out at that time , but it surely had my interest by then. Whenever a wedding is fixed in India, the next search is to find that perfect wedding card, which would be able to convey your feeling to the guests receiving it. But what about those guests cum friends who are not the traditional types, or the ones you want at your wedding and want to book a slot in their schedule diary very early so that they don’t bail out on you : that is where ‘Save the Date’ card comes to your rescue.

These cards are generally sent 8-9 months prior to the wedding – much prior to the wedding card. This will help you plan your wedding more efficiently.

Save the date cards are super fun and super easy to make. You just need some one to click pictures of you and your guy together.(I love posing for pictures) and a friend who knows little bit of Photoshop 😀 (we all have that friend)

I have compiled a list of ideas which we can do easily on our own.


This idea is for the shy ones (esp. the guys) – you just need your engagement ring, a jute thread and a DSLR camera , u can keep fun taglines like “tying the knot” and your wedding date.


Remember how we used to play this game when we were small , you can use the same thing to sketch out your wedding date and create the card.


If creativity is your thing, this idea is definitely for you , you just need paint 😀


See! you even don’t have to be in this pic:  just write your wedding date and you are good to go .(esp for those who love scrabble)


This pic is just so adorable , you can also do it yourself


Another one that I like.


You need your shoes for this one. Make sure your shoes are not dirty 😛

For my wedding I am thinking of creating something like this: as I am very attached to my college and I love my campus, I will gather some of his friends who will be pulling him from one side and on the other, I will be standing, posing of course :D. Still have to figure out lot of details about this. Will share with you once its all done.


Sources: All the images are taken from Pinterest.