Chamee and Palak: All things I love

Hola Friends,

I am thinking of starting my wedding shopping (I knowwww its toooo early), please don’t scream at me :D. I have always been excited about the idea of wedding shopping – specially mine.  So till the time I can not do it, I thought I can atleast share my fav ppl in this business.

Chamee and Palak: I first came across them when one of my friends liked their Fb page (u know how it shows in our newsfeed :D).. and since then I have been in love with their collection.

There is something special about their designs, they are soo elegant. When I imagine a bride wearing a Chamee and Palak, feels as if she is at peace, the attire feels calm! All their colors are so soft yet they have a definite impact and the best part is they are very very affordable.

I love almost all of their outfits be it their yellows, blues esp pinks 😀


I absolutely fell in love with their new blush pink lehenga that I have decided to wear it on my reception 😀 (hopefully).

Let me know your views on this.


PS: The pics have been taken by Chamee and Palak Fb Page.


2 thoughts on “Chamee and Palak: All things I love

  1. Pretty Lehenga.
    You know it’s never too early to start your wedding shopping and you will never finish it either till the day you are married 😀
    BTW, I went lehenga hunting 15 days before my wedding…hahaha

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